Friday, December 09, 2005

It all starts when you're out of a job...

SJ Parker, Kristin Davis and ME in Sex and the City (#87)

November 30th put me on the streets of Manhattan in search of a new way to get fired again. Well, I really didn't get fired but it feels the same when they tell you that you're part of the "10% cutback"...
My initial reaction is to start shotgunning my resume to all the "black holes" which take up the empty space on the web (aka "job boards"). I'll be out of work for a couple of months, of that I'm certain -after all, it's the "holiday season and all the hiring managers are on vacation"... oh joy! The good news is that I can re-enter the showbiz world I enjoy frequenting between paying-jobs, the world that brings my spirits up, the world I've just started to learn about during my last bout of joblessness -Yes folks, it's the Phantom Zone (where everybody looks at you and right through you because you don't exist in the real world)! But -I confess, I've been bitten... and so I'm returning to my not-so-secret other "job", -that of a "movie extra". I've actually been able to put together a decent resume from my payless stints at various schools (NYU, SVA, Brooklyn College, et al), independent movie roles like a diner patron in Jeff Winner's Satellite, then a ghoulish dancer in Jeff Lieberman's Satan's Little Helper, as well as an occasional TV show (I was a Barney's shopper in episode 87 of Sex and the City), plus some looser commercial shoots like NYC2012 (the directore, Noam Munro, actually told us we were just "cannon fodder"... the Olympic committee had already chosen another city...hmmm, at least it was a quick $50).
The acting books of Peter Brook have struck a sympathetic chord for me. I believe that "experimental theater" is the way to go.
I've been scouring the freebie castcall boards for something meaningfull -but there are very few creative thinkers out there and I just don't have the desire to do "nothing". I suppose that also dooms my possibilities of being a working extra!?
Now, let's see what dreck Craig's List has to offer today.