Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doldrums in the last weeks of 2015

And so this year draws to a close... and so does my blogging!

I've worked at being a background actor and loved it... not sure what direction I'll be going in for 2016.  Got my 3 waivers -but I'm not keen on joining the union (they can't guarantee work).  I've been asked to be a freelance adviser for a small group doing an indie short.  Not sure how that will pan out but I'll give it a shot. And I've been taking up more writing tasks -one of which will be an entry into a play writing festival.  Meh.... tbd.  If that works out, I'll continue to blog. Otherwise, it's on to writing the Great American Novel.

Best wishes to "all" who have read my blogs... I think there was 1 (my follower).  Hope the world finds peace in 2016... (such are the musings of an eternal optimist).

Love to NYC and the rest of the world,

p.s. I'm voting for Frank Underwood for POTUS.

p.p.s.  No matter what, the show must go on...