Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fit for a walk in the Boardwalk Empire

So I got to Steiner Studios a bit early and streaked right past the guard gate (there was no one in it) to what I thought would be toward building #7 but the numbers stopped at #6 toward the far end of the lot. Puzzled, I got out of the car and asked for directions. I was told that it was an "airplane-hanger-like" building -almost next to the guard house! Oooops! In my zeal to get fitted first, I flew past the half-cylindrical structure that was at the very front of the studio lot.

I reparked the car closer and walked over to the strange building's front with the understated door on it's right side. Entering it was even more perplexing. I was now in a small darkened vestibule with three doors -then took a guess at opening one of them. It opened onto a wide expanse of a Krell-like arrangement of clothing racks. Period clothing... from the 1920's.

A woman behind the makeshift table assemblages noted that I was early and that I could sit and wait. I made myself comfortable and just gazed around at the vast amount of clothes all arranged in painstakingly categorized nomenclatures. A man reviewed my name and gave me some papers to fill out. I quickly got that out of the way and settled in to doing my crossword puzzle from AM NewYork (they're soooo easy -even an extra could do it).

It wasn't long before an attractive young woman (with a tiny twinkly diamond-like something stuck to her nostril flap) asked me to follow her into a neatly curtained fitting area, where her coleague would size me up with her measuring tape. For the next hour I was trying on various combinations of her choices of wool pants, shirt, tie, vest sweater, shoes and a fedora hat. All of which was to be reviewed by the "supervisor-fitter lady" -who wasn't satisfied with the results at all. In fact she just about took over and began a fitting process that took me from a shabby looking lowlife "dandy" to that of a better dressed middle-class worker wearing a hamburg. I liked her style -she knew how to dress a man up!

Walking around the area in my 1920's wardrobe got a few smiles from the locals (which I took in with great satisfaction). I needed that feeling because it's been a rather dry few months since my last gig -and in between that period I got laid off from my four-year old real-life job. And so I realized just how much I love being an extra exactly for this reason.

Filming of season #3 won't start until the latter part of February, but I don't mind. Like the stars and creators of this show who were awared with the Golden Globe awards, I look forward to another "renewed" season.