Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Made it to HOLLYWOOD

But only to visit!
My new family, thanks to my new son-in-law, invited us to stay with them near LA and I was all too happy to oblige. Their wonderful hospitality was the highlight of our stay... in addition to meeting their friends (hundreds)... and of course the whirlwind tour of the nearby environs that so manny would-be actors would covet a glimpse of. I confess, I number among them.
Our wind blew through Ventura, Rodeo Drive, Huntington Gardens (complete with tea), and 2 very distinctly different Hollywood parties. One at the local Chabad House for the newly weds -where we got to meet some 200-plus guests and chow on some very excellent buffet food while watching a slide show of the nuptuals... and then there was the other party, a birthday party in the Hollywood Hills for a TV producer-cousin of my new family, where the entertainment was a beautiful transvestite Marilyn Monroe (I keep crossing paths with her imago every now and then). But the real attraction for me was the view from the hilltop house: SPECTACULAR! All the twinkly lights of the city seen from above. A lasting impression -fer shure!
There is a very seductive allure to California. Everyone is beautifull, usually tanned, wealthy, friendly, easy-going... and the weather is usually nice... the sights of the hills and the beaches constantly becon. And even the precipice-driving along Route 1 has a quality of grandeur. It's easy to want to live there. But although I really got to like my new family and would love to visit them often, I'm still a New Yorker -I need the gritty city, the in-your-face attitude, the quick pace... the wake-me-up-every-minute life.
Although... if a big movie-offer came along...well....