Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYC Celebrities

We went to see Robin Williams in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo -excellent acting work. Very charismatic. Also, it's clear that there's no end to Robin's generosity. A great human being all around.

David Beckham

I got this great snapshot of David Beckham after he gets interviewed outside ABC studios on Broadway.

Kiefer Sutherland

At another romp through New York City we decided to go snapping pics of actors et al. It's a simple formula: just hang out at the exit doors of Broadway shows (with all the autograph seekers) at the end of each show... and start clicking away with your digital zooming camera. Other places to hang out is in Times Square, near the ABC studios. Here are some of my latest photos of Kiefer Sutherland, Chris Noth, Chris Rock, Bobby Cannavale, Sam Champion, George Stephanopoulos, Jason Castro, Mario Andretti...

Chris Noth

Chris Noth was very friendly, occasionally grimacing a funny face when one of the people made a comment to him like, "Hey Mr. Big -is it really?". He'll never live down his Sex and the City role (what guy would want to?).

Chris Rock

Chris Rock posed with a couple of people -great attitude and very generous with his time. Everyone who wanted a photo or a signature eventually got it.

Bobby Cannavale

Bobby Cannavale continued to remain in character all throghout his signings: a kind of sad and dour effect. When he came near me, I asked him "Whatever happened to M.O.N.Y. that we were in -never picked up by NBC?" He immediately looked up and gave a sad acknowledgment of "Oh yeah..." and nodded as he passed on with his signing duties. So much for small talk!

Sam Champion and George Stephanopoulos of ABC's Good Morning America

Sam Champion was a lot more livelier than George. They were closing out the morning show on the day before the Royal Wedding in England in Times Square. Sam remained and posed with a couple of women after the signoff.

Constantine Maroulis

The Rock of Ages/American Idol-star was the friendliest when we got his attention. He constantly flashed the "rock-on" salute -popularized in the show. (I've always identified it with the "happy Hawaiian" hand gesture.)

Jason Castro at B.B. King's off Times Square

My wife and I went to see Jason and his band perform. We got front row tables and had a great time listening to his sound while munching on nachos with a couple of drinks.

Car raceing champion Mario Andretti

There he was with his IZOD promo and a 2-seater racing car in front of Macy's last week. I once got his autograph... more than 20 years ago (when his hair was still black), so it was a strange thrill to see him again in his graying stage of life -still in it, albeit from the business end.

OK... so I'm a groupie!

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