Saturday, November 21, 2009

Denis Leary does a RESCUE ME in Rockaway

Rockaway has suddenly become THE place for shooting films and TV shows. A few months ago Jennifer Aniston was seen on a set there and last Thursday it was RESCUE ME with Denis Leary.

Denis, being the female-friendly person that he is, stopped in for a couple of photo-ops at the place that they were filming near... which happened to be my wife's workplace. Needless to say, the women lined up for a quick pose.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saw God of Carnage on Halloween

James Gandolfini gets "mobbed" for autographs!

I expected a heavy and brooding play going into the theater. After all, other than Jeff Danels, the other three actors are seldom in anything but dramatic roles. So I was pleasantly surprised when the "your kid hit my kid" theme metamorphosed into a comical "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" scenario.
Excellent acting all around from each of them. And what I really liked a lot, was that each actor had an even amount of script to make the best of... and they did!

After the play, we did the stage-door Johnnie and Janie thing. Waiting outside for an hour just to get their autographs. Marcia Gay Harden was very funny, kidded with us and got into the Halloween mood with a green wig. Hope Davis began signing autographs but was distracted by her friend, Andrea Martin (Aunt Voula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Jeff Daniels was very accomodative to all the fans and it was really a blast to see all of these great actors scribling autographs just a few feet away from us -responding to quick chit chats and posing for photos.
Generally I don't go for autographs or hang around the theater stage doors. But my wife gets a charge out of it and it rubs off on me. Very strange and a different atmosphere from times when I'm an extra -and the main actors are off-limits to us. And it's interesting to note that it's possible to enjoy both type of situations -albeit in different ways.