Tuesday, July 18, 2006

BINGO with Ringo! A paying job came along.

But not before we got to see Ringo Star at the Wesbury Theater. A close up venue where the stage goes round and round so everyone can see the stars from every friendly angle. It was a strange crowd too. A fight almost broke out a few rows ahead of us, primarily because of two big guys who couldn't stop standing up at every song that Ringo's All Star Band played. And then there was the drunk behind us who kept clapping with a full open cup of beer in his hand. Needless to say, my friend got a decent dosing of beer on his shirt and some of it drizzled onto my seat as well. He was so drunk that he tried to hide the cup under his seat while we were staring at him! Hic!

Anyway... I got a full time paying job that takes me back to one of my former working places -but this time with better pay and more interesting work!

So I'll be putting my acting career (and most likely this blog) on hold ---at least until they lay me off... or promote me!
Either way, "I'LL BE BACK!"