Thursday, June 05, 2014

May gigs

It's 1931 in the Boardwalk Empire saga

May was kind of a slow month also... but then Boardwalk Empire began to pick up steam and I was on board once again.  I was cast as a Shriner inside a burlesque joint -enjoying the voluptuous exposure of the dancing girls.  All the while throwing pop corn ...and acting like the boisterous guy I really am! Lots of fun on this shoot.  But the interesting part was the meeting between Nucky and Joe Kennedy.  Can't wait to see this episode.  Wonder what the story line will be between them?

My only other gig was yet another scene in The Leftovers. It was a night shoot but I got picked with another guy to act as "father and son returning to the party inside the school".  This allowed us to pass in front of the town sheriff played by Justin Thoreaux.
Justin Thoreaux and GR victim

There was also a strange scene with the "GRs"... a cult made up of silent people clad in white who chain-smoke.  Their presence upsets the peace so that the sheriff and his men begin a mass arrest. Oh so mysterioso!  This show is starting to air in the summer.

That's me at the fundraiser party scene where the mayor and the chief announce the recovery of the missing doll

I almost got onto White Noise but the production company reduced the number of extras needed.  I hear this happening more and more from the other background extras also.  Seems that cutbacks are starting to affect even our lowest-paying jobs. And I always thought that when the economy gets bad, the movie industry gets better. Oh well, at least they feed us... most of the time.